On The Horizon: Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD

Happy week, Gamer Horizon fans! It’s still a slow week for video games this week, but I’m hoping that everyone’s catching up on their gaming backlogs.

This week marks the release of Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, an HD port of Assassin’s Creed III Liberation on the PS Vita. The game introduces Aveline de Grandpre, the first female Assassin in the series, and the game is set entirely in Louisiana. While the controls were a bit off for me when I played the Vita version, I’m hopeful that the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade version of the game plays closely to the main games in the series. As always, here’s the trailer!

This week, I have a review of an iOS game called Galaxy Run. The game has been out for a while now and… well, I’ll save my comments about that game for later. You can expect another PlayStation Plus update from Ted this week, and we’ve got a Top 5 that talks about the top moments in gaming in 2013. Sean will most likely get his Knack review out this week, after being out sick all week last week, and Ted’s got a write up about Killer Instinct. Yes, he got a Xbox One.

We’re gonna be pretty busy this week at Gamer Horizon, as we’re building up towards our one year anniversary this week. Are there any games you’re catching up on while there’s a gaming release lull? Sound off in the comments and we’ll see you this week!

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