PS Plus Update for 1/14: Bioshock Infinite

It didn’t take long for Bioshock Infinite to get to be the free game this week on PlayStation Plus. You can check out my review, but I gave it a very high score. I always liked the commercial for this one, so I’m using that for the video this time instead of a trailer.

After a few weeks of lackluster sales, Sony has the 14 for ’14 event. 14 PS3 games and 14 Vita games are on sale. And this one is good. First of all, Proteus is on sale for $5.94, and it is cross buy, but it’s not part of the 14 for 14 sale.

The PS3 section:

  • Bit Trip Presents Runner 2 $3.75
  • Crysis 3 $5
  • Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut $13.49
  • Enslaved Premium Edition $5
  • F1 2013 $0.99
  • Far Cry Blood Dragon $3.75
  • Lone Survivor (Cross Buy) $5.24
  • Pool Nation $2.25
  • Puppeteer $7
  • Rain $3.75
  • Rayman Legends $35.99
  • Tales of Xillia $10
  • The Wolf Among Us Season Pass $13.49
  • Thomas Was Alone (Cross Buy) $2.50

The Vita Section:

  • Epic Mickey 2 $7.50
  • Killzone Mercenary $9
  • Limbo $3.75
  • Lone Survivor (Cross Buy) $5.24
  • Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker $6.99
  • PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD $3.75
  • Sly Cooper Thieves In Time $6.75
  • Soul Sacrifice $9
  • Spelunky (Cross Buy) $3.75
  • Stealth Inc $4.19
  • Walking Dead Season 1 $5
  • Thomas Was Alone (Cross Buy) $2.50
  • Velocity Ultra $2
  • Worms Revolution Extreme $3.75

If you’re a Sony Rewards member, you get 10 times the points on any of the 14 for 14 games you buy. It’s a simple program that gives you 1% return on any PSN stuff you buy. It links with their credit cards too, but you don’t need one to participate.

I recommend quite a bit 0n that list. Killzone Mercs is a nutso deal at 9 bucks, but the game takes up 3.3 GB, and will take up more when the new free maps come out. You’ll still need an 8 GB card. Xillia is TEN BUCKS. My god, this sale. Also, that’s the lowest price yet for Wolf Among Us on any platform, including Steam.


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