The great :weed: crash of 2014

Port Royale 3 Badge Crafted :Weed: EarnedOf all the emoticons on Steam that can be earned by crafting badges, by far the most notorious is the :weed: emoticon that can be earned by crafting the Port Royale 3 badge. Though the emoticon typically sells on the Steam Market for as much as $15.00, since January 14th, the price of :weed: has crashed, with :weed: currently selling for $7.00 and falling. Why?

Because Port Royale 3, a poorly reviewed title which is normally available for $24.99 on Steam, is currently available as part of The Brutal Bundle on Bundle Stars alongside 9 other games for only $4.95. The floodgates have opened! The :weed: emoticon is common, so your chances of getting it while crafting the badge are pretty high, and with so many more Port Royale 3 trading cards entering the wild, and with the prices of those cards crashing as well, it’s never been easier get :weed: on Steam.

In addition to Port Royale 3, the other games available in The Brutal Bundle include:

Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition
Stealth Bastard Deluxe
Iron Sky: Invasion
Day One: Garry’s Incident
Steel Storm: Complete Edition
Naval Warfare
Earth 2150 Trilogy
King’s Bounty: Legions True Tactician Ultimate Pack

So, are you going try your luck? Earn some :weed:? Think this whole thing is ridiculous? Let us know in the comments below.

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