Gamer Horizon After Hours Podcast EP14: Nintendo WiiU Woes and MaSHADYma

Welcome back to this week’s Gamer Horizon After Hours Podcast. This week the whole crew is on hand to discuss some of the biggest happenings in the news (and some of the not so biggest), as well as what we’ve been playing. Topics include, Assassin’s Creed IV, Final Fantasy and Square Enix, the Microsoft/Machinima “payola” scandal and the ailing WiiU.

Intro and Outro music from Cocainium by Baroness

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0 thoughts on “Gamer Horizon After Hours Podcast EP14: Nintendo WiiU Woes and MaSHADYma

  1. Good podcast, I always like when you guys talk about Nintendo, especially Sean, lol… The minute I new more about the Wii U, I had a feeling that it won’t be successful and when the price was announce, it was the nail in the coffin. Nintendo where banking on the brand name, just like Sony did with the PS3. Iwata should step down as CEO, keeps doing the same mistake 3 times already and all he can do is say sorry and cut his pay check, at this point, that not going to cut it. Stepping down is the only solution. Poor relation with 3rd parties, weak online, no trophies/achievements, and of course, poor marketing. I say get rid of the Gamepad and replace it with the Pro Controller to make it affordable. I also gave my thoughts about Nintendo, I’ll provide a link later.


    1. I just want to give this tidbit about RE4 on GameCube, Nintendo should give thanks to Mikami, since it was his idea to keep it away from Sony. The reason is that at that time, in the PS2 Era, he hated Sony, he hated it so bad that he even try to convince Tetsuya to bring Kingdom Hearts to Nintendo. Another interesting fact is that Mikami first went to Microsoft before Nintendo for RE4. In the end, his ego got the best of him thinking that if he mad RE4 to any console that consumers will flock to it, and of course it didn’t. Still, Capcom was a jerk for back pebbling on RE4 as a GameCube exclusive, it was supposed to RE5.


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