Social Link Podcast #3: The Future Is Now

This episode of the Social Link podcast thrusts Alex and Anthony into the present as many of our audience’s questions bring up some questions from previous incarnations of the podcast, as they attempt to rectify predictions from the past. What is the state of mobile and handheld gaming? Are trophies and achievements cooler than what it once was? Find out in this latest episode!

  • I actually played video games! And not just video games based on board games either: rain and Strider are talked about!
  • Anthony is having problems with Double Dragon for the NES.
  • No, Anthony didn’t play DmC Devil May Cry and Bravely Default. For shame.
  • There’s a new Magus Rants this week! This time, it’s about games people want but will never have.
  • We talk about the state of mobile and handheld gaming. This includes discussions on the current state of the 3DS and the Vita.
  • We read your emails! Thank you so much for emailing us. We love hearing from our fans.
  • We may also have a regular board game rant from me, if people like want it.

Questions? Comments? Email us at!

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0 thoughts on “Social Link Podcast #3: The Future Is Now

  1. Nice podcast, like always, the 3Ds is a better console than the Wii U, and I can see the Vita might change thing around as a platform for undie games or remote play for PS4.

    Nice Magus Rant, even I wish those games were made, the reality is that business comes first. There was talk of Shemue 3 and that Yu Suzuki was considering Kickstarter, but it will need alot of money to develop the game. Suzuku even admit that both Shemue didn’t justified the profit even it sold well. As for Megaman Legend 3, Capcom hates Keigi Inufune, enough said. Final Fantasy VII, they are to business, namely, Kingdon Hearts 3 and FF15.

    Like always, thanks for answering my question, I should have worded it better, at the time, it sounded fancy, but that wasn’t the case, lol…

    The question basically was:

    Is trophies/achievement STILL considered gimmicky or ppl accept it as part of gaming (innovated the gamning scene) and should the Wii U jump the band wagon? Also I was trying to be funny on the question but that back fired as well. It was meant to say that I hardly played my Wii U since there are not many games and Wii U = Wii HD, lol…

    Anyway, IMO, trophies/achievements is now part of gaming, whether you like it or not, I like trophies, but at the same time, I’m not hunting for the, but in the perspective of business, most consumers would buy games just for trophies, thus why most consumers don’t buy 3rd party games on Nintendo, because it’s gimp. Nintendo is just too old, that the legends should step down, even Iwata. Resisting to change will hurt them. As for online, bottom line is that Nintendo don’t know how to do online games, they even admit it that don’t compare their online to PSN or XBoxLive, real shame.


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