Social Link Podcast #4: Translation, translation, translation

This week’s Social Link Podcast is going to be an incredible JRPG and comic book fest! This episode features Anthony’s rant about translations – which is “personal,” as he claims, the Persona announcements this week, and the relationship between comic books and video games. Join us and see how clueless I am with the latter and remember to review our podcast on iTunes, Like our Facebook page, Follow our Twitter account, and email us!

  • As always, we talk about what we’ve been playing
    • Anthony says Final Fantasy VI for iOS is pretty good!
    • I say that Tales of Xillia is crap! ERMAGERD!
    • Anthony says the voice acting in Ni no Kuni is crap! OH HELLZ NAW.
    • I also add that Persona 3 Portable is crap! But I’m still playing through it :/
  • We talk about the Persona announcements this week!
  • Anthony’s rant is all about translations. You’re gonna love this.
  • Anthony wanted to talk about the relationship between comic books and video games. I had no clue about this until an hour before the podcast!
  • And, of course, there’s the mailbag segment.

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0 thoughts on “Social Link Podcast #4: Translation, translation, translation

  1. I also been playing Xillia and I think it’s the best Tales so far IMO, for me I always rather have my Japanese in English Dubbed over Subbed, that’s go as well with anime, whether it’s good or bad, it’s just easier for me to understand and enjoy it more. I watch T.V. and play videogames, not read, that’s why book exists for a reason. As for Persona, I guess one of these days when I get a PSVitaSlim, the 1st game I will get is Persona 4 Golden.

    Question, is Magus Rant a exclusive to Social Link.


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