Social Link Podcast #6: Things are… different

This week’s episode features lots of shooter discussion, a new segment that features board games at the forefront, some hijinks caused by recording this episode immediately after episode 5, and tons more. Things definitely feel a little different.

  • As mentioned before, this was recorded the same night as the previous episode.
  • “What have you been playing?” has been altered to “What have you been playing (board game edition)?” and will replace “What have you been playing” for every even numbered episode of the podcast that’s been released. Unless, of course, we have a ton to talk about, video game wise.
  • Speaking of board games, a huge video game publisher is partnering with a board game publisher to publish a board game they created. We talk about this on this episode.
  • I talk about Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on Cursed Island. Yea, it’s a board game.
  • I realize that Anthony has Carcassonne, but has never played it. Seriously?
  • Anthony’s rant this week is all about gamer entitlement and his reactions in regards to boycotts and the like.
  • Then I talk to Anthony about his rant.
  • We reflect on the current state of shooters in gaming. This includes an empathic talk about single player modes in games and the future of shared campaigns as multiplayer experiences.

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