Bioware running contest to put YOU into Dragon Age: Inquisition

EA and Bioware have been in radio silence since debuting a teaser for Dragon Age: Inquisition during their E3 presser. While showing returning character Morrigan, we don’t know much other than we’ll be seeing this on next-gen consoles.

However, Bioware is running a contest to let YOU, yes YOU, voice a character in the upcoming entry. While the scripts located at the contest site are for such illustrious characters as “Villager” or “Seneschal”, wouldn’t it be a sweet opportunity to get into a major AAA title? All you need to do is get a video recording up on YouTube, or any other place where video can exist, read the script in your best voice, and tag it with #TakeYourPlaceDAI.

This contest ends in just a few days on March 24, so get your best voice ready for the camera!

Now if I may be so biased, a good friend and former collaborator of mine, Sydney, is entering the contest and her entry is below. If you remember any of my work before I started here at Gamer Horizon, you might remember some older videos I did called “Angry Rivet Gaming”, you know she and I had a lot of fun doing video content. If anyone deserves to have a shot at winning this, it’s her. I really enjoyed the melodramatic style of this reading.

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