SteelSeries prepares $159 wireless mouse

I got a letter in my inbox from SteelSeries announcing their new Sensei Wireless mouse. Now, I get several mails from many sources, and I almost didn’t give this one a second look, but then I noticed the price: $159.

Now, it seems like SteelSeries tends to make high-end stuff. I had a glowing review of their H Wireless Headset, and I really liked some of their previous audio equipment. There’s an upcoming review of the SteelSeries Rival mouse we’ll have, but I had to stop and look at this one. $159? For a mouse?

It boasts 8200 Counts Per Inch, it’s wireless of course, it has the highest polling rate on the market at 1000 Hertz, and the settings per app are stored in the cloud. It’s omni-handed, which is nice for someone like me,  and even offers the ability to glow different colors to reflect battery life, in addition to custom colors of your choosing. This is great and all, but the price of the mouse is a sweet $160.

Now, I remember when Mad Catz sold 2 joysticks, one at $80 and one at $130. The $130 was wildly more popular, and personally I could tell the difference between them. But as someone who makes fighting games pretty much his business, of course I can tell the difference between two sticks. Given two gaming mice, say one at $60 and one at $160, could I tell the difference? I guess I don’t know what to look for.

This mouse is obviously aimed at tournament-level PC players, but I’ve never been a tournament level PC player, and I don’t know what to look for when seeing one. What matters in a mouse? I honestly don’t know. I know enough about keyboards to say that mechanical switches sure feel nice, but I’m not a pro PC gamer and have never purported to be; I am stuck in Bronze at League Of Legends.

SteelSeries can shout all of these statistics as much as they want, but for me, and I bet many others, it’s a look-and-feel kind of thing where I have to experience it to understand it. I personally think it’s hard to sell a $160 mouse, but what do you think? Is this something that interests you? Do you have something you look for in PC peripherals? Leave a comment below.

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