The Vita is completely backwards compatible

Update: Hope you got in while the getting was good. Sony has closed this off once again, so any game that was not compatible before is back to the way it was. Anything you managed to get onto your Vita’s memory card is yours. So “definite planning” this was NOT.

When the Vita came out, it was compatible with many PSP games, and several more were added. It also had 7 PS one titles, but that list grew quickly. However,there were always some games that never worked. Most notably, the Crash trilogy, the Spyro trilogy, and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. As time passed and no real new games came out on PSP or PSone, we thought the chances were over.

Then on April 21, 2014, it was the damnedest thing. Someone noticed that every game in their PS Vita’s download list that could be played on a PSP was suddenly available for download. The Crashs, the Spyros. Jeanne D’Arc. And yes, even Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Even demos. Even addons for Valkyria Chronicles 2. Even games that had been pulled from the store like Phantasy Star Portable 2. It was all downloadable. I couldn’t wait to go home and try it. And yes, I got the Crashs. I got the Spyros. And I got Portable Ops. And they all work.

Now maybe this seems a little dirty, since these games now work on the Vita the day a 99 cent flash sale ends that includes the Crashs and the Spyros. But there were so many of us that thought these games would never work on the Vita. But EVERY PSP game on the Store? EVERY PS1 game? Yup. Every last one.

Konami mentioned something about the Silent Hill games that were released on PSP coming to the Vita. Well now, they are here. This is interesting because it means that the PSone and PSP games working on Vita is not a bug, or a surprise. There was definite planning.

Regardless, you basically have a bunch of new old games to play on your Vita. Time to upgrade that memory card.




0 thoughts on “The Vita is completely backwards compatible

  1. Not quite completely unfortunately, more like 99%, why, because I don’t see a slot to insert my “UMDs” in the Vita and I got many of those than downloads. This mean is I want to play my UMDs, I still to use my PSP. Yeah I know, it’s nit picky, since SCEA didn’t release the PSP transfer program in the U.S. Still, I’m planning to get the new Slim one, but w/o borderlands 2, me no like FPS…


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