After Hours Podcast EP25: Veil of Delusion

Hey guys (and gals), welcome to another episode of the Gamer Horizon After Hours Podcast! This week Alex, Ted and Sean talk about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Child of Light, Nintendo’s 2 peat of no (press) show at E3, the Star Wars casting news and a whole lot more.

Intro and Outro music from Cocainium by Baroness

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0 thoughts on “After Hours Podcast EP25: Veil of Delusion

  1. What about Soul Caliber: Lost Sword, I’m cracking my fist right now,…lol…j/k. Lost Sword I think it’s not meant to play for glory, rather for fun of why no multiplayer player, want multiplayer, then SCV is for you. Amen to Sean on MGSV:GZ, I think he should so a “Sean Rant” of the game, I also think it’s a rip off. It’s always entertaining when you guys talk about Nintendo, or anyone talks about Nintendo because it hard to find anything positive about them. Blaming the Wii U for poor finance, no I saw the people who invented the Wii U should be blame. I’m a Nintendo fans and hearing bad things about Nintendo entertains me, boy, I must be whack in the head. Well good luck to failtendo, lol…


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I would love to do a rant about Ground Zeroes! The funny thing is, I rented it from Gamefly and I’m still offended that it exists on principle alone.


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