Social Link Podcast #14: Freshly grown from the farms of Santa Monica, CA

We’re back for another exciting episode of the Social Link podcast, freshly grown from the farms of Santa Monica, California! If you’re curious as to why the episode is named this way, well, you’ll just have to listen to the episode! This week is packed with content, so let’s get right down to it:

  • We actually didn’t get to talk about what we’ve been playing this week.
  • Instead we talk about, of all things, a seriesĀ that Anthony said he’d never be interested in again. It was a “surprise,” to say the least.
  • Anthony defines what “playable” really means… to him.
  • I also remind Anthony of all theĀ other games coming out later in the year. Sometimes, these things just need to happen!
  • We have a Shooting From The Hip segment from Anthony! It’s for Tomb Raider for the PlayStation 3! What do you guys think he’ll say about it?
  • We also have a Drive By segment from me! I talk about RPG systems, specifically, the Job System. I think it’s antiquated.
  • Anthony asks: Is there too much information being shot to us by the gaming media?
  • With our return comes the return of the mailbag segment! We’ve been getting very good questions on our emails, so thank you! We’d like to hear your thoughts on what we talk about though, so send those as well and comment on our podcast posts!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email us at!

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0 thoughts on “Social Link Podcast #14: Freshly grown from the farms of Santa Monica, CA

  1. Be nice, at least you are getting e-mails, lol,…. maybe on the long run, you guys can finish answering the e-mail, lol… Anyway, I’m with Anthony, my good, ppl complaint too much about DmC, I played it and I can say it’s better than the original, as for the design, goodness sake, what is it, green eyes Sonic, ppl need to stop complaining about it and play the damn game. As for the podcast, it sound like Alex is bullying Anthony on playing games, or forcing him to play games, that’s not nice, lol…. I agree with Bravly Default, right now, I need some job points just to get some high level skills and it just taking too long.


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