Social Link Podcast #15: Episode 69!

This week’s Social Link gets a teensy bit raunchy, but we bring it all back to games and some hearty discussion about a bunch of things. Curious? Here’s a small test of what we have for you!

  • We almost got trapped in an “indeed” loop. You’ll know what I mean when you listen to the episode.
  • This week marks the return of the “Whatcha been playing?” segment!
  • Anthony has been playing Xenogears… again.
  • …and, somehow, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix?
  • I elaborate more on my time with Child of Light.
  • We talk a lot about the LEGO games as well.
  • I also try to figure out why Anthony hated everything about Final Fantasy XII. And I mean everything. Irrationally, as you’ll hear.
  • I talk about my new addiction: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.
  • Anthony admits that he’s very curious about one particular genre, specifically, one particular game that I didn’t think he’d have any interest in…
  • Anthony’s rant this week is obscurely titled, “A good game is a good game!”
  • My Drive By segment this week is a response to Anthony’s rant and is all about rating systems… as in, every single kind, regardless of the medium.
  • We take a look back at the games of 2009.
  • We have a mailbag segment this week as well!

Originally recorded on May 8, 2014.

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0 thoughts on “Social Link Podcast #15: Episode 69!

  1. So, who do you think is to blame for the Wii U fall out, heh, heh…? Me personally I think some of them, except for the fans, because I could say that I’m part of the problem as well since I only by exclusive games for the Wii U. As for Pokemon RPG on the console, I played the GameCube games, they are not bad, but it just felt like an expansion to the GBA games, to get more pokemon that are not in the game. It’s alright as a console RPG, it also have Stadium mode like the N64 games. I might do a video about the GC Pokemon games. As for the rest of the podcast, I agree on Magus Rant, it’s sometimes frustrating when your particular game is exclusive on a console that you don’t like that you feel you need to bash it just to make a point. For reviews, the best advise is to judge it for yourself, use their review as an idea, but in the end, make your own decision. Lastly, my respond about the topic of Captain America is…”bastos”!…lol…


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