Social Link Podcast #19: E3 2014 Press Conferences

Surprise! A mid-week Social Link Podcast approaches! This is pretty straight forward: We’re going to be talking about all the press conferences that happened the past couple of days including Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo! Get some popcorn ’cause this’ll be one wild show!

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0 thoughts on “Social Link Podcast #19: E3 2014 Press Conferences

  1. Here’s my thoughts and also you can check it on youtube under AXE325XXEXE (shameless plug, I know):

    MS did the right move, games, games, and games, giving consumers a reason to get an XBoxOne, even a game from Platinum. It was a good move that they announced the new SKU prior to the conference so consumers can think about it while looking at the games.

    Sony showed games, but sadly, even as a Sony guy, it drag drag out, it was good at the beginning, until the 7pm mark, where it got boring, by the time they went back to games, I couldn’t get excited again. They showed games that consumers already know, just this time gameplay, this should have been in the 1st hours. IMO, this should been the order: 1st 30mins: game play of games already announced, 2nd: non-games announcements, 3rd: Indie: 4th: new surprises trailers like Uncharted 4 and Last Guardian.

    Nintendo, apparently, the reason they don’t do conference anymore is, they Japanese developers don’t like being on stage where anything can happen like the Skyward Sword incident, they want to be in control so they don’t shame themselves, with the said, they showed games and actually new IPs, it’s a miracle. I probably going to get most of the games. As for Mii’s in games, according to Nintendo, the point of Miis are that you can represent yourself in the game you want, it’s like a child dreams that they can be in a Mario game. As for Smash, they was a high demand to put Miis in, they wanted since Brawl, that’s why there in it.

    Overall, the conference are interesting, except when someone not talking about games.


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