Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Defenders of Eorzea Trailer

It should come as no surprise that I’ve been hooked on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, so much so that if the opportunity presented itself that allowed me to talk about it every single week on a podcast, I’d gladly take it. After all, we here at Gamer Horizon are as much gamers as any of you.

That being said, Square Enix released a full trailer (more comprehensive) than the one they released during E3 2014 which finally names the upcoming patch. Yes, I am saying patch because Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn probably has had the most content rich patches in recent MMO history and, obviously, I am eating it all up. If you haven’t watched the video above, the following is but a small list of things that they’re hinting at in the new patch.

  • Introduction of Frontlines – A massive overworld PvP mode set in Carteneau Flats. Trailer implies there will be more maps in the future.
  • Ramuh, the Lord of Levin – A new primal fight featuring Final Fantasy’s god of lightning himself.
  • Mob Hunts – Something that seems quite similar to Final Fantasy XII’s Hunts, even from the wanted ads, these seem like party versions of hunting logs.
  • Hullbreaker Isle – New 4-man dungeon.
  • Stone Vigil (Hard Mode) – Hard mode version of Stone Vigil.
  • Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard Mode) – Hard mode version of Tam-Tara Deepcroft. Some claim that this might be an extension of an earlier story mentioned during the main storyline.
  • Private rooms in Free Company housing – Free Company members will now be able to get private rooms for a fee at their Free Company’s house.
  • Chocobo Raising – Mentioned as part of the Chocobo Companion gameplay mechanic, players can now raise their Chocobo. To what degree? Not sure.
  • Item Desynthesis – You can now break down items to their ingredients. Very useful for crafters!
  • New Crafting Recipes – Tons more crazy pieces of armor and weapons you can build!
  • Syrcus Tower – Billed as the next part of Crystal Tower, Syrcus Tower is the second 24-man raid to be introduced to the game.
  • New Main Story Quests – This is a given, since Ramuh is going to be introduced via the main story.
  • Ishgard – I didn’t know what this meant at all until I researched it, but apparently Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 players have long wondered whether they would be able to visit Ishgard in a future updated. Rumor has it that these individuals might be the one who will be responsible for the summoning of Shiva, given that this is located in Coerthas. That said, Ishgard might be a new place we can all visit in the future.

For players of the game: Are you excited? I sure as hell am! Patch 2.3 is currently planned for release on Tuesday, July 8, 2014. That’s 2 weeks from today!

If you’re ever curious about playing the game, add me on PSN: EternityInBlack, or join me in the game on the Mateus server. Look for Skara Brae and I’ll help you out with the game! And if you are planning on getting it for PS4 and you have a PS3, Amazon is having a sale where you can get the PS3 version for $20! Best of all, you can upgrade your account after you activate your Square Enix account on the PS3 and get the PS4 version of the game for free! Hurry though, because the offer ends on December 31, 2014. Click on the link to Amazon if you do want to get it and get the same great deal while helping us out! We appreciate it!

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