Evo 2014: A Short Preview

The annual eSports extravaganza, Evolution, is back for another year. This year, the highlight has to be the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament. With the upgrade having only been out for around a month, it’s really anybody’s game. Hell, it’s really any character’s game. Even El Fuerte has won a major so far. With so many undiscovered things about this title, this one should be hot and exciting. Will one of the five new characters rise to the top?

Another thing to look for is Super Smash Brothers Melee. With almost 1,000 entrants, it almost tied with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the second-most competitors. Smash has never been more popular in America, and with a new game coming on the horizon, it couldn’t be better timed. Plus, Nintendo has been revealed as an official sponsor of the tournament. What could this mean?

Rumor is that there will be some kind of Tekken announcement this weekend. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 might have the lowest number of entrants of any official tournament, but ~250 is still a lot of people.

Unless my memory is super bad, Iron Galaxy, the new developers of Killer Instinct and still the old developers of Divekick, will be having a panel. Will they reveal Cinder as the next character, or did I just do that? Who is the next Divekick character? It’s already been revealed to be a guest character from another game.

Other things: For the first time, there will be a stream broadcast in Japanese for all of those fans over there. BlazBlue has had its pot spiked with a cool $30,000, making Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 officially a poverty fighter. Killer Instinct has also had its pot spiked.
There is also no Divekick tournament this year; no word if it was because I screamed like a maniac because Justin Wong was too busy playing the finals of Street Fighter x Tekken for three hours to play me that it got so late that when my girlfriend and I took the bus to the Rio to do their buffet we were too late by like 1 minute – so we had to walk back to the Paris because the shuttle bus was full and eat at that buffet for the third time. *catches breath*
I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Evo runs from July 11 to the 14th. Go to twitch.tv/srkevo1 to watch.

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