Social Link Podcast #27: YOU WIN NOTHING!

On this week’s show, Anthony finally plays The Last of Us, I discover Fez and babble on about Rogue Legacy, and someone got hooked on a MMO. Uh oh.

  • Anthony talks about the two games that came out last year in 2013
  • First, he talks about The Last of Us.
  • Then he talks about Tales of the Abyss.
  • Bioware lost someone recently: Casey Hudson, responsible for Mass Effect and Bioware’s new IP, has moved on and left the company.
  • We talk about Fez II’s cancellation – a year later.
  • We slightly touch upon Anthony’s dislike towards Braid.
  • And talk about 8-bit look for indie games and how we’re tired of it.
  • I talk about Fez.
  • We talk about documentaries: Indie Game: Life After and Video Games The Movie.
  • I talk about Rogue Legacy.
  • And Anthony and I talk about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Yes, he’s in.

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