Control your Backlog like Ted

How does one manage their backlog? Some people might use apps. But me? I rolled my own.

That’s a link to a Windows program I created called Shame Destroyer. It is written in C# within Visual Studio 2012. You can use it to keep track of your games, list where you are in the game and make a brief story summary so you don’t forget.

Indecisive? Shame Destroyer can randomly pick a game for you, given some parameters. You can define a platform and genre for a game, and also mark it a single player, multiplayer, or both. If you’re indecisive, but you want to chip away at your backlog, let Shame Destroyer do the work for you.

Newer features include the ability to add more than one game at a time, and now you can even import your Steam library of games!


Are you gonna port this to any other platforms?

Maybe Android.

X doesn’t work!

Just send me an email or contact me somehow and I’ll take a look. This is like, version 0.3 of the software and quite frankly I haven’t messed with it in a month of Sundays.

I have a suggestion!

Cool. I’ll probably do it.

My Steam profile is private, and I can’t import my game list!

Yeah, I know. I didn’t want to apply for a Steam Dev API key, so the way I do it is access your public profile, but expose it as XML/JSON and just read it the hard way. You’ll have to make your profile public to get this to work.

Some DLC showed up in my list when I imported!

Yeah, blame Valve.

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