Social Link Podcast #30: Make Love To The Mountain

Welcome back, Social Link fans! After a week hiatus, guess what episode we’re in? It’s the longest streak of episodes Anthony and I have ever done in our entire time together as co-hosts of a podcast! The previous record was held by The Pixel and Polygon Protection Group back in 2009 and we intend to continue our streak with the Social Link! Here’s what you have in store for this hallmark episode 30 of the show!

  • Anthony went camping and learns the importance of disconnecting from everything.
  • He also forgot that it was our 30th episode. For shame!
  • We sit down and talk about our friendship, events leading to episode 30, and our thoughts on it.
  • Anthony talks about Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 and spoils part of it, as well as talk about the rest of Telltale’s lineup this year.
  • I talk about how Borderlands 2 and the Grand Theft Auto series effectively tell story through gameplay, even if you skip cutscenes.
  • I talk about my experiences with Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, as well as my thoughts on the game as a whole.
  • Anthony played Kirby’s Dreamland?
  • … and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, of course.
  • I describe my first time in a 24-man raid. Ever. In my entire life.
  • Anthony talks about his experiences with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, including the anniversary events and the story.

In celebration of our 30th episode, here’s the inspiration for this week’s title. Take it away, William Shatner!

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0 thoughts on “Social Link Podcast #30: Make Love To The Mountain

    1. Alex, I think leave the jokes to Ted, he makes it funny, lol…. I get it when you are trying to be funny about what Shitai123 said, but it just comes out differently, nothing personal. It’s a shame that some of the fans from Games and Me don’t know that Gamer Horizon is a continuation from it. I tried what ever I can to get you guys more exposure in the gaming community and will still be doing that. Anyway, overall, it’s a good podcast, keep you the good work.


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