Social Link Podcast #31: Retconned!

To make up for the lack of episodes for one week, we’re releasing episode 31 early. Rest assured, dear listeners, that you will get episode 32 this Saturday on time, and on schedule. Hope you all enjoy this special mid-week release!

  • We’re acknowledging 9/11, first and foremost.
  • We’re releasing this mid-week, but don’t forget to listen to Episode 30 which came out on 9/13.
  • Anthony is picking up a PS4! We talk about what else he’s getting.
  • We talk about Kingdom Hearts. The whole series.
  • This is the Google Doc I was talking about on the podcast:
  • League of Legends has been retconned!
  • We talk about Contra, specifically, Contra: Shattered Soldier.
  • I talk about Destiny and my time with it.
  • I was curious as to why Anthony is getting Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition, so I asked him about it.
  • Anthony is planning to re-explore some Final Fantasy games.

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