Social Link Podcast #32: The Birth of a Nation

Lots of new things in this new episode of Social Link! Check out this extensive list!

  • Anthony got a PS4! We hear his thoughts of his brand new toy.
  • Lots of information about Final Fantasy XV came out this week during TGS 2014! We talk about it.
  • I remind Anthony to talk to the microphone. Because, reasons.
  • We talk a little bit about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the future of JRPGs.
  • Anthony talks about his new gaming setup.
  • We talk about my article, Maybe I wasn’t the Guardian Dinklage was looking for…
  • Anthony played The Last of Us Remastered Edition.
  • We talk about Injustice for a tiny bit.
  • I talk about why I’m getting Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.
  • I talk about how my creativity got rejuvenated by a particular Twitch streamer and my experimentations of OBS.
  • We talk about FFXIV and have a special offer for people curious about it!
  • Somehow we talk about Dungeons and Dragons and parallels to the movie Birth of a Nation. Wait, what?
  • I started going to the gym.
  • I also started playing The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms on iOS.
  • I am offloading my Xbox 360 games. And I realize on the show why that is.

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0 thoughts on “Social Link Podcast #32: The Birth of a Nation

  1. Just listen to it, worth it. Also prop to Alex on trying to offer lots of contents, but sometimes there is a limit and I can’t blame you. Going to miss Backlong BBQ, but I prefer Social Link anyway.


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