Social Link Podcast #33: The Loot Cave

Psst. I don’t know if you heard, but there’s an exploit in Destiny. And even though it got patched by the time this episode was released, people found yet another place to exploit. But before you try it out, listen to this brand new episode of the Social Link Podcast!

  • By the time you hear this, Anthony and I would’ve done our first double stream of Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Anthony played the latest Mario Kart for Wii U.
  • We talk about the new Smash Bros. for a little bit.
  • I played Destiny and finished it. We talk about it more.
  • We talk about The Loot Cave and my Destiny article.
  • Anthony is checking out his ps4’s features and why he’s now a Sony fan boy.
  • I need your help with Backlog Battle!
  • We’re talking about what’s coming up – Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within.
  • We talk about Tetsuya Nomura being “removed” from Final Fantasy XV.
  • We talk about long development cycles and its affect on developer sanity.

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