S01E20: E3 Press Conferences And Top 10 Games of the Show

Alex and Anthony tackle the very difficult subject of this year’s E3 2012 press conferences, whittling and shaving down the big three’s conferences down to a T, while also reading YOUR reactions, comments, and thoughts about these conferences. Also, they’re gonna be talking about the biggest games of E3 and prove once and for all that despite what people have said, this E3 did not suck. Tune in and listen and see what they have to say!

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0 thoughts on “S01E20: E3 Press Conferences And Top 10 Games of the Show

  1. I think most of the gamers are disappointed with Nintendo’s E3 conference as a result, this E3 2013, they won’t have one… It’s going to be hard for Nintendo to convince consumers why Wii U if they can’t show something really good on their E3 2013 Nintendo Direct.


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