S01E21: 16-Bit

Review day is here as Anthony reviews Tales of Graces f for the PlayStation 3. Afterwards, Alex and Anthony take a time machine back to the 16-bit days and talk about their experiences with the games of this era. And, of course, they’re gonna be talking about all the things you’ve written them about… which is, again, about E3. But we promise: This will be the last about E3 they’ll talk about!

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0 thoughts on “S01E21: 16-Bit

  1. This is an interesting podcast, talking about Pikmin 3 was enjoyable, it really got more enjoyable when Anthony went on RAGE, lol…. I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s unfortunate that there are some mis-opportunity on Pikmin 3, lack of online, and not being a launch title, or at least Reggle’s made up term, launch window. Jesus Christ, I bet Reggie is going to use that term again in this E3 2013…


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