Wii U ZombiU Bundle Announced, $390

Nintendo of America announced today that on February 17th, a new Wii U bundle will be available in North America. It will consist of a Deluxe 32 GB Wii U, a digital voucher for NintendoLand, an extra Pro Controller in addition to the Wii U Gamepad, and a physical copy of ZombiU. This package will retail for $390. If these items were purchased individually, the price would be $460 so there are $70 in savings here.

The digital version of NintendoLand requires 3.2 GB of storage space, which the Deluxe Wii U is more than capable of handling.

ZombiU is considered by many to be one of the must-own games in the fledgling library of the console. Sales of the Wii U have been somewhat soft so far; time will tell if this bundle results in a sales jump for February.

Wii U ZombiU Bundle

0 thoughts on “Wii U ZombiU Bundle Announced, $390

  1. That’s a good value since now you get 2 games and a pro controller, too bad Zombi U is not for me, not a fan of survival horror genre. If they have a SKU that has not only Nintendoland, but include a New 3D Mario game, then I might get it, but right now, not all of the SKU is not worth my value.


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