Gamer Horizon Podcast S02E05: Post Apocalyptic Vita

This brand new episode of the Gamer Horizon Podcast sees the return of Alex to the hosting seat, along with Anthony, Ari, and Chris for the ride! Though it’s only been a week since the crew got together, the Gamer Horizon crew take the time to catch up on what’s happening to the website, including some *gasp* increased production value!

After catching up on some of the week’s news and goings on on the website, the crew talk about Ari’s playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening, discuss Chris’ Dead Space 3 review, relive harrowing moments of Aliens: Colonial Marines with Anthony, and Alex’s increasingly challenging playthrough of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Ari’s got a lot to say about Fire Emblem: Awakening and Chris is pleased with his playthrough of Dead Space 3. Anthony and Alex, on the other hand, are on the bitter end of the table as they begrudgingly talk about their experiences with Aliens: Colonial Marines and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

The Gamer Horizon crew also took the time to discuss the future and, by proxy, reminisce about the PlayStation Vita at its one year anniversary this week. To celebrate the release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the crew does a retrospective of the Metal Gear saga and reminisce about their experiences with the series.

This is one hell of an episode, as you can tell, so go on and download this brand spanking new episode of the Gamer Horizon Podcast!

Download This Episode!

0 thoughts on “Gamer Horizon Podcast S02E05: Post Apocalyptic Vita

  1. Great podcast guys in regards to metal gear on ps1 to me it was the first game were the story had me on the edge of my seat and cinematics were at the time was the closest thing to a movie . With the wii u and 3rd party support and being inferior to the other next gen consoles.iam picking up a wii u later on in the year and iam really excited for the consoles future I bought a wii at launch and like most people got board after the wii sports buzz wore off.but having gone back to the system I’ve had more fun playing the wii than 360 or ps3 games like the 3 operation rain fall games murumasa the demon blade ,sin and punishment ,kirby epic yarn ,mario galaxy 1&2,boy and his blob ,and new super mario bros wii,so my question to the team is with the cost off development for Xbox 720 ps4 being so high do u think we’re going to get some gems developed by Japanese company’s for the wii u due to cost


  2. Awesome podcast, and thanks for the shout out. I enjoy listening as well visiting the site, thus I’ll do whatever I can to support you and plug the Gamer Horizon for more exposure because you guys deserved it. It just sadden me that not many gamers send you guys mail. With that, I might considered getting Sly Cooper, Fire Emblem, and maybe even Metal Gear Rising. Not a fan for Metal Gear, but since Metal Gear Rising is different.

    Too bad Aliens: Colonial Marines is a bad game, there was too much hype on the game and that the Wii U supposed to be the best, but I guess the situation change, and speaking of changes on the Wii U, ever since the Playstation debut, Nintendo just became 2nd rate, it happen on the N64 and GameCube, not the Wii since they went to a different direction, but that didn’t last long. I may be a Nintendo fan, but at this moment, I would only get a Nintendo console just to play Nintendo games and sticking 3rd party games on the PS3 or PS4 (I dislike the XBox360), to build up my trophies as well my library. The majorities of gamers who bought Nintendo console are gamers who just want to play Nintendo games. I agree with “Magusx1”, that 3rd party exclusive is gone, it just make more sense to make it multiplatform so everyone is happy. They should doing something different for 3rd party like hoe it will have exclusive content like SFxT of the PS3 has BBA Megaman, Cole, Pac-MAn, etc… and Asssassin Creed III has the Benedict Arnold mission on the PS3, Botton line, the market change and most company can’t afford to be exclusive anymore.


    1. Thanks for the reply nautoaceone I agree with u on the 3rd party issue il wait for metal gear to drop In price and I picked up fire emblem for the wii it will be my first game to play in the series did u pre order project x zone


      1. Yup, I wanted to show my support to Namco Bandai that there are gamers who will support this game, also I got to give the Tekken creator, Harada my thanks, he convince the company to localize Project x Zone, so I can’t wait for summer…


      2. I hear ya on that one if we could only get bravery default and fantasy life in the west did u pick up ni no kuni hopefully some on the site will review it


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