Rock Band DLC Ends April 2

Rock Band may have outlived its rhythm game sibling Guitar Hero, but that time is coming to an end. After 275 consecutive weeks of releasing DLC, Harmonix will mark April 2, 2013 as the final week that DLC will be regularly released for the platform. Harmonix notes that while they have the capacity and the infrastructure to release DLC beyond that date, they have nothing planned at this time.

Harmonix also announced that Rock Band World, the Facebook hub for Rock Band, will no longer have updated Goals or Tournaments.

Harmonix closes by saying that the final Rock Band track to be released on April 2 is “appropriate”, and that the next few weeks will introduce new artists that have not been seen in Rock Band. Rock Band Network releases can continue on Xbox 360, but they will cease on the PlayStation 3, and they have already ceased on the Wii.

Releasing over 5 years of DLC for a single platform is unprecedented, but with the decline of instrument-based rhythm games, this day was inevitable. Rock Band has over 4000 tracks available, which by any measure is a staggering figure. Some months ago, Harmonix put over 1,100 tracks on a 50% off sale, which represents DLC released for Rock Band 2 and before. This sale will be continuing for the time being.

If I were to speculate what the final “appropriate” track might be, maybe they’ll finally release that second Muse track and shut us all up.

Source: Harmonix

0 thoughts on “Rock Band DLC Ends April 2

  1. Not that it actually would happen, but I feel like all my purchases will be for naught now that the new songs won’t be added. Still, it probably can’t be helped, and the game still does have an impressive library of songs, more than any music game in existence. It was an impressive run.


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