Tomb Raider: Guide to Survival Combat

Square Enix has just released the third video of their Tomb Raider Guide to Survival series. This “Survival Combat” video features everyone’s favorite video game heroin, Lara Croft. The last two videos covered how Laura upgrades weapons, scavenges for components and uses a fast travel system to move across the island. This guide to survival will show you how Lara will survive the deadly confrontations Tomb Raider has to offer.

In the fight to stay alive, Lara has to battle the environment as well as the islands inhabitants in order survive and rescue her friends. While exploring, Lara will come across hidden tombs which she can explore to gain salvage and experience. Stealth will play a big part in this Tomb Raider allowing Lara to duck and cover from enemy sight. This gives her the opportunity to sneak up behind enemies for a stealth kill or distract them for a silent bow kill. Lara will also have the ability to use the environment to her advantage by detonating explosive barrels to kill multiple enemies.

It should come as no surprise that the enemy can and will use the environment to take cover from Lara’s attacks and to draw her fire while another attempts to flank her position. By unlocking new combat skills Lara can fight dirty by throwing dirt in the faces of her enemies, by using a devastating quick kill attack to slash an enemy with her climbing ax, or stab one with an arrow. Along with upgrading your close range combat skill, you’ll also be able to upgrade the weapons Lara finds in the game by acquiring upgrade components. This gives the ability to fix broken weapons and also changes the way they look.

The fast travel system looks to be your best friend in that you are only able to upgrade your weapons while at base camp. It’s a reasonable trade off considering Lara needs a quiet place to work when improving her arsenal. Tomb Raider has changed a lot from the old run and gun style of game play. While the earlier games gave Lara plenty of places to explore, the games were more focused on combat. This new Tomb Raider changes up the formula to focus more on exploration and story rather than shoot, run, jump, shoot, run, jump. Tomb Raider releases March 5th and Gamer Horizon will be giving a full review after launch.

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