Atlus Finalizes GOD MODE Box Art

Atlus announces what the final box art will look like for their soon to be released game God Mode. Along with showing cover art, developer Old School Games is awarding one lucky fan an original piece of cover art signed by the entire development team. Fight your way from zone to zone through hoards of ancient and mythological creatures.

“You are a descendant of an ancient God whose bloodline has been banished from Mt. Olympus by Hades and turned into mere mortals.” In order to escape, you must fight your way through waves upon waves of the undead to make it through purgatory and into the pantheon. Can you survive the Maze of Hades? God Mode is a retro style third person shooter with RPG elements that lets you and three others mow down hordes of onscreen enemies in four player co-op. As you continually gain experience and money, you can fully customize and upgrade both your weapons and appearance with unique abilities. The game is narrated by a uniquely quirky character named the “Spirit Guide” who will help you navigate the underworld of Hades and will have plenty to say to you as you run, shoot and eventually die.

As for that contest, you have until March 1, 2013 to submit a charming little limerick about the “Spirit Guide” from God Mode. To help your in your endeavors, the “Spirit Guide” has given you an example. Read the limerick and watch the video post to understand the “Spirit Guide” a little more so you write something appropriate that really depicts who the “Spirit Guide” is. Don’t forget to make it funny! Follow the link and post your limerick in the comment section.

God Mode Art contest

“There once was a handsome old ghoul,
Whose body made Spartan men drool!
He’s tall and slender
With a size-able member,
Now don’t you think he’s rather cool?”

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