Gamer Horizon Podcast S02E06: PlayStation 4: All New, All Different!

The adventures of the Gamer Horizon crew continue as they reach into new frontiers. After escaping a possible post-apocalyptic future with the Vita last week, the Gamer Horizon crew is given a brand new prophetic vision of the future; One that’s more positive, more lively, and quite frankly, pretty darn cool. That future is the unveiling of the PlayStation 4!

All five members: Alex, Ari, Ted, Anthony and Chris are bombarded with information and ideas regarding the PlayStation 4, including the all new Dual Shock 4, revelations of cloud gaming via Gaikai, a newer, cleaner looking interface, several all new games, and even a little bit of hope for that little handheld that’s called the Vita. The crew gives their thoughts on the new console and what they hope for it, recalling the best moments as they attempt to recapture the excitement of the PlayStation 4 reveal.

But of course that is not all that our dear Gamer horizon crew had to deal with! Chris ventures into the all new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Anthony faces the horrors of Aliens: Colonial Marines but also, for the first time, ventures into the world of the Wii U. Ari leads armies to victory in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Ted talks about his experience with Assassin’s Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy. And Alex… well, he played nothing.

I’m not kidding. Alex played nothing. I wish that were an actual name of a video game.

The crew also discusses the latest happenings on the website, the official Legend of Zelda timeline, read reader e-mails from our mailbox, and of course wind up talking about Ted’s ever so “lovable” guinea pigs. So sit back in your car, chair wherever, plug in your favorite podcast player, relax, and enjoy the latest episode of the always entertaining Gamer Horizon Podcast: Not sponsored by PlayStation 4!

Intro and outro song excerpts are from Alive by Krewella.

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0 thoughts on “Gamer Horizon Podcast S02E06: PlayStation 4: All New, All Different!

  1. Great podcast, I also am intrigue with the PS4, but when they stated that it won’t transfer PSN games and PS3 save files, it’s a yellow flag for me. Backward compatibility should be aindustry standard by now, but I guess if your selling the console at a lost and gamers are not get buying the games for it, then that could be a problem. That’s the reason why the feature is removed on the PS3, to cut cost and for mandate the gamers to play PS3 games on the PS3, not PS2. I like backward compatibility because of convenient, I don’t need to connect multiple console on one tv in the room like the AVGN nerd room, and also it can get hot and risk of electricity problem, I prefer to be like a universal controller, so BK should be an industry standard. The Wii U did it by making it compatible to the Wii games and downloads, if I ever buy a Wii U, that’s probably replace my Wii and if I want to play GameCube games, time to take out the the console out. That’s what I’m doing with the Nintendo portable system, I play 3Ds and ND games on my 3Ds XL, while GBA and GB on the GBASP and shelves my NDS, why convenient, I’m not going to carry multiple handles just to play certain game. I hope that in the long run, Sony should reconsidered that or just add an add-on peripheral like the Sega Mega Converter for the Genesis to play Master games. Also, it’s funny how Anthony went on a “Magus Rage” on the Alien games, I guess it has really that awful, the hype failed on that game and I guess the Wii U won’t be that good either even with that Gamepad. Anyway, awesome job.


    1. P.S. Sony should consider a subscription SKU like $299 for the console, but you must pay $10 per month on PS+, and for the non version would be $399. Bottom line, it better not be $599 like the PS3 and because of that price is how the PS3 struggle and ppl favored the XBox360.


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