Dance Central DLC Ending in March

Harmonix today announced that weekly DLC releases for Dance Central 3 will be ending this month. Previously, Harmonix announced that DLC releases for its other major rhythm game, Rock Band, will be ending on April 2 after over 5 years of regular DLC releases. Harmonix went on to say that the weekly Live Challenges will continue to be updated.

Dance Central 3 has over 200 tracks available through both DLC and Disc Export from Dance Central and Dance Central 2. However, I have to admit that this news comes as a complete shock. I thought that Harmonix would at least keep DLC for one of its franchises going.

Harmonix is working on other, unannounced games and explained they need more people working on them, so they need to pull resources from other games. Therefore, the DLC for Dance Central has to end. This, along with the end of Rock Band DLC, marks the end of an era. I personally enjoyed Dance Central, and bought much of its DLC. I first discovered the game when Alex got it, along with a Kinect. That night I bought a Kinect and the game. I went on to buy both sequels, even though Alex lost interest himself. I felt like Dance Central 2 and 3 were harder overall than the first game, but they brought quality of life improvements to the game, such as 2 player simultaneous play, better tutorial modes, full voice control, and even the ability to create your own dance moves in a battle mode.

It’s not like it’s going anywhere, but all the same, it’ll be missed.

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