Zeno Clash II Gameplay Trailer

Zeno Clash II is a visceral first person brawler set on the world of Zenozoik. In Zeno Clash II, You play the role of Ghat. During the events of Zeno Clash you defied your clan leader, the Progenitor, to protect the FatherMother’s secret, brought the Golem to Zenozoik and thus tore your family apart. Now you must rid Zenozoik of the Golem’s influence before it is too late. The Golem’s knowledge and power are undeniable and thus unacceptable. Ghat must now forge an uneasy alliance with his sister Rimat in order to rid Zenozoik of this threat. Can Ghat rid the world of the Golem with the help of Rimat whose only goal is to reunite the family at any cost, or will his single minded focus be their undoing? Created by Ace Team, Zeno Clash II offers a unique and surreal world to explore with plenty of side quests and items to collect. The improved first person fighting system offers¬†pinpoint aiming and physics based combat to support the game’s new moves, weapons, and allies you’ll find throughout the world of Zenozoik. Play as Ghat or Rimat with drop in and drop out co-op and make allies with other Zeno Clash II players.

Zeno Clash II: guards Zeno Clash II: Skyworld Zeno Clash II: tiamte Zeno Clash II: City

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