Beyond: Two Souls – New Gameplay Footage Revealed

UPDATE: The video has been removed.

Beyond: Two Souls developer, Quantic Dream recently revealed a “work in progress” video showcasing some hands-on gameplay for the first time. Courtesy of CVG, the almost 9 minute video takes place during three different scenes in the game each showcasing different aspects of gameplay for this PlayStation 3 exclusive: Controlling Aiden, combat, and lastly, controlling both Jodie and Aiden in a co-op(ish) scenario in which the two work in tandem to navigate an building ablaze.

My description doesn’t do this game justice, so I will let the video speak much louder than any words:

Beyond: Two Souls‘ writer/director, David Cage told CVG during a presentation set within his motion capture studio, “there will be no more QTEs in this game.”  Seeing the button prompts in the video seem more contextual rather than a Quick Time Event, so I believe him.

Beyond: Two Souls will put players in control of Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page) through the span of 15 years of her life (from age 8-23) and Aiden, the spectral entity that only Jodie can communicate with.

As a huge fan of Quantic Dream’s previous games, Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit for our the rest of the world), just the idea of another interactive story from this team is enough to me into giddy hysterics. After seeing this game play footage I might go into a video game coma. October 8th, can’t come fast enough.


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