American Pie is the last Rock Band DLC

Harmonix announced at its PAX East party last night that Don McClean’s “American Pie” will be the very last Rock Band DLC to be released. Harmonix announced last month that regular Rock Band DLC updates would be ending on April 2nd, prior to announcing that Dance Central will also cease DLC releases this month. Harmonix is currently focusing on new projects that require the full attention of all the teams in the company, which is why they’ve decided to stop production of these DLCs.

The promise of new songs to play every single week furthered the idea of having regular Rock Band parties all over the country, ensuring that the game never went stale and that there would be a constant influx of fun and challenging songs to play. With that being said, Rock Band proved that viewing games as a platform for content delivery worked and, dare I say, was the most successful example of this model in this generation. To say that Rock Band had an impact on the way people appreciated and enjoyed music is an understatement.

The release of “American Pie” signals the end of a historic five year run of DLCs for the Rock Band franchise, with over 4,000 songs released and across four DLC supported games. Upon its release, I intend to stand by the Gamer Horizon crew and raise our plastic guitars, keyboards, and drums once again to celebrate this incredible run one last time.

Do you have any memorable Rock Band moments during the series’ run? Share them on the comments below and we’ll compile them and, if we get enough of them, we’ll send them over to Harmonix as thanks to the series.

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