WonderCon 2013: Pikmin 3 Impressions

Pikmin 3 was on display at Nintendo’s booth at WonderCon and I happen to get an opportunity to play with it for a short time.

If you are familiar with the Pikmin re-releases on Wii, the control scheme will be familiar. What surprised me was that I had to use a Wii Remote and Nunchuk to play the game as the Wii U Gamepad is not a supported control scheme. It is instead used to display the map of the area you are in and touching and dragging on the touchscreen moves the perspective you see on the TV.

The short demo I played tasked me with trying to collect as much fruit as possible to take back to my ship. I moved quickly, throwing Pikmin at tomatoes and pumpkins and I was able to collect more Pikmin by finding them in grassy alcoves.

The Wii Remote allows quick, precise aiming of your Pikmin. The demo I played doesn’t really cover any new ground in the Pikmin franchise, though I did get to play with the new Rock Pikmin by defeating a boss that had them imprisoned inside its own body. Rock Pikmin can be thrown at tough surfaces to break them down.

I only had eight minutes with the Pikmin 3 demo, and this is sadly the extent of my impressions. I’d love to get more time at a later date.

0 thoughts on “WonderCon 2013: Pikmin 3 Impressions

  1. Im not surprised to see Wiimote n nunchuck the prime interface. Im glad to see they’re not forcing gamepad on everything. They need to keep all the old peripherals relevant. I played BOps2 with Wiimote n nunchuck. I do hope that become WiiUs primary FPS control scheme. Will give WiiU FPSs a major one up to PS4 (and maybe 720 depending on their hardware) over their still limited dual analogue setups


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