Bioshock’s Andrew Ryan Has A Gift Of Song

Several of us here at Gamer Horizon have been indulging in Bioshock Infinite during the past week or so that some of us have been distracted from finishing some of our other reviews and impressions that were supposed to be due last week or so. Or maybe it’s just me, I dunno. While playing Bioshock Infinite however, I can surely say that we’ve been reminded more than once of how this game truly belongs within the thematics of Bioshock the further we fall into the rabbit hole Irrational Games created for us to tumble through.

The folks over at CollegeHumor wanted to celebrate Bioshock Infinite’s¬†release by actually posting this wonderful musical tribute to the original Bioshock. It features Andrew Ryan and his rendition of “Under the Sea” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid that you probably shouldn’t miss. I should add that the video will make more sense if you’ve finished the game and that, potentially, there’s spoilers in this. I should also probably add that, as a Disney-phile myself, that The Little Mermaid is going to be re-released in 3D later this year in theatres.

And now, here to distract you from¬†your Bioshock Infinite playthrough, is Andrew Ryan himself. Take it away, ‘Ryan!

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