WonderCon 2013: Resident Evil: Revelations Impressions

Ted and I got a chance to sample Capcom’s port of Resident Evil: Revelations on the PlayStation 3 at WonderCon 2013 today and I must say that I’m liking this more than the 3DS version already. Keep in mind that the 3DS version still ranks high up as one of my favorite 3DS games of last year, but the ability to play on a  bigger screen and having a better control scheme seem to make this version of Resident Evil: Revelations a bit more palatable.

Now that Resident Evil: Revelations is coming out on platforms that already have a second analog stick, controlling Jill Valentine feels a bit more natural. While it wasn’t impossible to control Jill on the 3DS version using either of the supported control schemes (without the Circle Pad Pro, that is), it didn’t feel as if it was up to par with the more recent numbered releases in the series. Still, it controls like a Resident Evil game so things like quick turning, by pressing Down and the X button, and aiming then shooting, done by holding the L1 button and then pressing the R1 button to shoot, are still in the game.

Much of the demo seems to have the environments textured with assets from the 3DS title. This is a bit of a contrast with Jill’s character model, since she and the other supporting characters are rendered in painstaking detail. The pre-rendered cutscenes seemed a bit compressed but served to advance the story of the demo I played pretty well. To be fair, the characters I’ve seen in this demo do open their mouths now while they talk during live gameplay and they’re properly synced with their dialogue.

Fortunately, this build of Resident Evil: Revelations is a bit behind and Capcom has assured us that newer builds of the game have improved textures compared to what we’ve seen today. If anything, the fact that this build of the game looks almost just as good as most of the games coming out on current platforms is a testament of how incredibly detailed and graphically impressive Resident Evil: Revelations was when it was exclusive on the 3DS. We’ll be providing a review of this title when it comes out in May 21, 2013.

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