Dragon’s Crown Release Date is Aug. 6, 2013

Atlus and Vanillaware have announced the official Dragon’s Crown release date of August 6th for their 2D action side scrolling beat-em up. This fantasy action RPG is releasing exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and Vita consoles for $49.99 and $39.99 respectively.

Gather a party before setting out into the dungeons and labyrinths beneath the kingdom of Hydeland. Evil sorcerersĀ  have used vile magic to link the dungeons together in order to find the Dragon’s Crown treasure. Adventurers will battle a wide variety of enemies while in search of the Dragon’s Crown and collect plenty of treasure of their own. Dragon's Crown Release Date - DwarfWhile in town, adventurers will have the opportunity to form parties, buy and sell gear, learn new magic spells and interact with characters that will offer new quests which will forever alter the fate of the kingdom.

As the adventurers battle their way through the dungeons, they will be joined by two allies on the journey to claiming the Dragon’s Crown. Rannie is a rogue with no battle prowess who possesses the ability to pick locks and open doors. Tiki is a fairy that acts as the party’s guide through the dungeons and points out items of interest.

Dragon’s Crown allows players to party up with friends and players from around the world via the PlayStation network. Vita owners can connect Ad Hock to other Vita players or play cooperatively with PlayStation 3 owners. PlayStation 3 and Vita owners can also share saved data between the platforms through the PlayStation network.

Set out to claim the Dragon’s Crown and save the kingdom of Hydeland as one of five adventurers. The fighter is heavily armored and carries a shield that can protect all allies. Amazons carry two handed weapons that deal massive damage to multiple foes. Wizards are highly skilled magicians that come with a wealth of magic attacks. Elves are masters of the bow and fight from long distance. Dwarves dual wield weapons and have the strength to pick up enemies and throw them. Sorceresses are masters of the arcane and can create food, control skeletons and turn enemies into frogs.


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