See Fable’s Vision In This Trailer for Fuse

Insomniac Games is hard at work on their latest game titled Fuse for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The latest offering from the development team is a trailer titled, “Fables Vision.” Fable is the leader of a shadowy organization known as Raven who are planning to conquer the world or destroy humanity, whichever comes first. In the video, Fable explains his desire to take over the world and how he plans on dealing with anyone who gets in Raven’s way.

The only thing standing in the way of Fable and Raven’s ambitions is a group of mercenary misfits named Overstrike 9. Fuse is a four player team based co-op action shooter. This third person shooter features four unique characters that make up Overstrike 9:

  • Dalton Brooks joined Overstrike 9 after his former employer Raven attempted to have him killed. Dalton is the team’s de facto leader. He’s headstrong and tends to shoot first and ask questions later. Dalton carries a Magshield that catches and redirects enemy projectiles.
  • Isabelle “Izzy” Sinclair is the least experienced member of the team but is highly intelligent. She carries a Shattergun that can lift enemies from cover and revive downed teammates.
  • Jacob Kimble is a former LAPD homicide detective who got tired of the bureaucratic nature of traditional law enforcement. Jacob carries the Arcshot that he uses to snipe with and set fiery traps of molten mercury on the battlefield.
  • Naya Deveraux is a former assassin and is the daughter of Raven Captain Luther Deveraux. Naya carries the Warp Rifle into combat situations. The weapon creates singularities also allows her to cloak and use her CQC abilities.

Fuse is developed by Insomniac Games and published by EA under the EA Partners program and will be released on May 28. Stay tuned to Gamer Horizon as we will bring you a full review of the game after launch.





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