Wii owners get message from Nintendo: Upgrade to Wii U

Any owners of Nintendo’s Wii console who still have their system connected to the internet received a Wii Message Board notification from Nintendo recently, urging them to purchase their latest console, the Wii U. Nintendo has been concerned that there is some confusion in the marketplace: They believe, according to their latest investor conference call, that some are confused as to what the Wii U is, that it’s merely an upgrade to the Wii, and not a whole new system. This attitude is reflected in their latest advertising campaign in North America, which shows real families playing the Wii U. The ads go to great length to explain that this is a new system, and it has many new, desirable features such as the Wii U Gamepad.

Wii U Upgrade letter

Wii Message Board notifications from Nintendo have been used in the past to alert users to system firmware updates or new channels available to download from the Wii Shop Channel. They have, to my personal recollection, never been used to advertise new products for purchase.

The original Nintendo Wii is losing several features this June. Specifically, all channels requiring network connectivity except the Wii Shop Channel will stop working, and any titles using features that rely on WiiConnect24, such as Elebits or Metroid Prime Trilogy, will see those features cease to function. The Wii Message Board also uses WiiConnect24, which means users will receive no more messages, except for daily play notifications.


0 thoughts on “Wii owners get message from Nintendo: Upgrade to Wii U

    1. To me another reason is pricing, the minute it was announced, many consumers, including Nintendo fans didn’t agree with the price. That goes as well with the games, $60 is just too steep and they rather wait for a price drop. The #1 request to Nintendo on the Wii U is price drop. Most people said if there was a price drop, they would consider. Beside games, there are other thing that felt it was a deal breaker, such as no system achievement system, not to par online, and for some it doesn’t play movies. But my guess it on the 2nd half of this year, they could turn it around, but if GTAV won’t be ported to the Wii U (which I doubt it), then that could be a deal breaker and will be be considered a secondary system to your XBox 720, PS4, or event PS3.


  1. Wow, just wow, now Nintendo is trying to convince Wii Owner to get a Wii U, I guess not many Wii owner (including me) didn’t upgrade to the Wii U. I guess unless you’re Microsoft, being first is not a good strategy, i.e. Saturn and Dreamcast, which unfortunately was beat by Playstation and Playstation 2 respectively.


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