Meet The President – Saints Row IV Trailer

Deep Silver and Volition have released the latest trailer for their upcoming third-person open world shooter, Saints Row IV. In this latest game trailer, the leader of the Third Street Saints is elected President and must deal with political adversaries as well as an alien invasion. The trailer depicts the newly elected President of The United States kicking some butt and taking names. With great super powers comes great responsibility as the President must defeat the alien warlord Zynyak and his reptilian hoard before it is too late. Players will be able to run fast, jump far and levitate people, throwing them into objects. With all that’s going on, Saints Row IV continues the tradition of outrageous mayhem and over the top action of the previous games.

Saints Row IV was originally to be a standalone expansion to Saints Row: The Third titled Enter the Dominatrix which picked up the storyline one year after the events of The Third. Over time, the game grew to more than what it was intended to be and became Saints Row IV. Many elements of Enter the Dominatrix¬†were merged into the new sequel, and once Saints Row IV is released, a director’s cut of Enter the Dominatrix will be released as well as DLC.

Saints Row has always had a wide variety of costumes, weapons and items to choose from. I’m interested in seeing what new and inventive objects the developers throw into the game this time around. The thought of playing a game as a super powered president has my attention and I can’t wait to play this game.

Saints Row IV is scheduled for release on August 23rd for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Stay tuned to Gamer horizon as we will bring you all the latest information on the game as it is released. Check out the Saints Row IV trailer below:



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