On The Horizon: Papers, Please

Well, this is awkward. Here I am writing about all this week’s big new releases and, uh… there aren’t any. But that’s okay! The world still turns and Gamer Horizon still posts!

Last week Steam revealed four more titles that would be published via its Greenlight program. Among them was a very unusual game titled Papers, Please. Self described as, “A Dystopian Document Thriller,” Papers, Please has the player manning a border checkpoint, looking at passports and other documents, and approving or denying entry into Arstotzka. Things get complicated when smugglers, spies and terrorists attempt to cross the border. This week on Gamer Horizon, look forward to Ted’s impressions of Papers, Please.

Yesterday’s announcement about the future of Star Wars video games was big news. EA and its developers were given exclusive rights to develop games in the Star Wars universe for PC and Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft platforms. It’s great that there will be more Star Wars games, but is an exclusive deal really what’s best for the franchise? And is EA the right company for the job? Sean is busy writing up his two cents on the subject, and his opinion might surprise you. Check back later this week for that article!

Apparently Sean’s working overtime, because he also has a review of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on the way!

Have you noticed how a lot of major console franchises are finding a new home on the 3DS lately? Gamer Horizon Contributing Editor, Miguel Douglas, is taking a closer look at this trend and analyzing how that affects not only the handheld market, but also the consoles that are suddenly lacking in major releases.

If you haven’t already seen it, check out Ted’s latest update on PlayStation Plus. Spoiler alert: This week’s free game is Sleeping Dogs!

It may be a slow week in terms of new releases, but Gamer Horizon is full speed ahead! Check back throughout the week for the latest news and articles, including a couple of surprises that I haven’t mentioned here. Should be another fun week!

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