Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies announced for Western Release

Ace Attorney is one of my favorite game franchises of all time. When it came out, there was no game like it at all. However, America missed out on the last Ace Attorney title, which was Ace Attorney Investigations 2, a game starring prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. Today, Capcom announced that Ace Attorney 5, dubbed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is coming out this fall for the 3DS. Set eight years after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright has regained his attorney’s license, and is defending the indefensible once again. The Dual Destinies part of the title likely refers to the fact that you’ll be playing as both Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice. New to the team is associate attorney Athena Cykes, who brings this installment of the franchise’s unique gameplay mechanic: Her “Mood Matrix” allows players to determine the mood of a witness as they make a statement, and point out inconsistencies if what they are saying doesn’t match what they are feeling. I really hope this implemented better than Apollo’s magic bracelet, which were only ever enabled for use if the witness was lying, making it obvious when the witness was lying.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies will only be available from the Nintendo eShop, and will not see a physical release in retail stores. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me, as retail support peaked with the second game in the series, and dropped steadily thereafter. Rather than spend money trying to get retailers to stock this admittedly niche title, it makes more sense to just offer it digitally, where anyone can get to it at any time. More and more Nintendo 3Ds titles see significant portions of their sales come from digital sales, which means that even casual consumers are aware of the eShop.

Dual DestiniesI actually don’t know too much about the game as it isn’t even out yet in Japan, but I do know that this time, Phoenix will face the craziest prosecutor yet. His name isn’t translated yet, but this is Jin Yuugami, and as you might notice, he is currently a convicted criminal. No word on what he did to get there, or what the deal is with the bird on his shoulder, but if he’s able to be a prosecutor even though he is in prison, he’s probably the greatest foe Phoenix has faced to date.

The price has yet to be determined for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, but I’d really hope for a $29.99 price point.

Now if only Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton would come out in America. License to print money, folks.

0 thoughts on “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies announced for Western Release

  1. I heard the series is actually fun, despite not sell well that Miles Edgeworth 2 did not get a U.S. release, which is unfortunately. I’m happy that the fifth installment is being localize, but then for some consumers, they consider Capcom drop the ball for making it only digital release on the eShop. I prefer a physical copy over digital because of space on hard drives. In Nintendo’s situation, it;s even worse since it’s attach to the system rather an account. I’m cool being a digital release if Capcom is willingly to ship the codes on retail store like Gamestop, why, so I can get a discount, lol… I understand why Capcom is made that decision, TecmoKoei did that also last year with the “Musou” games on the PS3, in order to cut cost, but at the same time, like always, it’s alienating some consumers and on the long run, going to hurt Capcom more, their reputation is already bad and this could stir the pot once again. Anyway, I would still recommend getting this game, I can say it will be fun, even for a niche…


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