Skullgirls headed to Japanese arcades

Skullgirls has had a whirlwind of success lately, even after the conclusion of Labzero’s Indiegogo campaign. Using Taito’s Nesica x Live platform, Skullgirls will be playable in Japanese arcades. The PlayStation 3 version of Skullgirls hit Japan just a few months ago, and now an unnamed Japanese developer is porting the indie fighter to the arcade platform.

In other recent Skullgirls news, the long-delayed Xbox patch has finally come out, bringing the game to version 1.01, which the PlayStation 3 received last November. The patch has balance fixes, adds 3 free colors to each character, adds 5 more colors as paid content, and greatly improves online play. The second character vote also came to an end, and the wrestler Beowulf, and his steel chair, The Hurting, should be added to the game sometime in late 2013, or early 2014.

The arcade version will get the same updates the home version does, so expect Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, Beowulf, and Robo Fortune to show up at your local* Game Center soon. The Nesica x Live arcade platform utilizes an Internet connection to allow for game updates, making this possible. Other titles using this platform include Chaos Code and The King of Fighters XIII.

*If you reside in Japan


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