Batgirl available in Injustice starting today

Injustice: Gods Among Us adds Batgirl to its roster today on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. She costs $5, and is included with the Season Pass.

Early impressions peg her as a character with a wild amount of utility. Maximillian, popular fighting game personally, says on Twitter that her projectiles are faster than Batman’s, great wakeup options, and anti-zoning capabilities might put her at the top of the tiers. Considering that much of the game is keepaway, having an anti-keepaway character wildly shifts the balance of Injustice. He goes on to report that she has some relatively easy 30% damage combos that can be done as far away as midscreen, and these combos do not require a meter burn. Her smoke bomb move, which can punish zoners, can do 25% damage when meter burned. Batgirl will be a popular choice to punish unpolished Deathstroke players.

Barbara Gordon had to give up the mantle of Batgirl after The Joker paralyzed her, and took on a role as an information specialist known as Oracle (who you may have seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum) but since DC’s New 52, she has recovered, and is Batgirl once more.

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