Xbox Reveal: Join the Conversation

Are you ready? It’s time to see what Microsoft has in store with their reveal of the Next Xbox!

You can watch the feed over on the Xbox Website.

If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #XboxReveal to talk about it there, and we’re going to be watching the feed and commenting below, so please join us in the conversation!

0 thoughts on “Xbox Reveal: Join the Conversation

  1. I’m failing to see what’s so game changing about this partnership with NFL. I mean, Fantasy Football integration with live games? Okay, that’s neat, but… yawn?


  2. Watched it as well – not very impressed. I hope they show more titles at E3 because this seemed like they jumped the gun and just wanted to something to show to appease people. Plus the opening was basically a big hype-fest.


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