The Mantra of a Master Thief

Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have released the latest E3 trailer for their 2014 next gen console and PC title, THIEF. Master Thief Garret returns with a new video explaining why he does what he does. Listen to Garret’s mantra as he prepares his tools of the trade and sets out to pilfer shiny gem stones from the elite. One of the tools at Garret’s disposal is his Focus ability. Focus allows Garret to speed up his reaction time and is acquired early in the game. While out and on the prowl, Garret stumbles across a conspiracy threatening to tear his world apart. He must step out of the shadows and uncover the truth or all is lost.

Thief - BowStealing is my way of life; it sets me free in the night.
Every rivet and stitch lets me find what I desire.
The cloth that hides me, the tools that arm me…

all lead to that priceless moment.

Garret takes to the streets to perform another heist. He uses stealth to remain hidden in the shadows as he preys upon valuable jewels. When his treasure is found, the locks are opened and he takes only what he desires. It doesn’t matter if he is spotted, because the Master Thief is never caught. Some steal to survive; Garrett survives to steal…

It’s tough to look at the game’s screen shots and videos and not be able to play the game right now. Square Enix’s new E3 video does a good job of making any potential customer–myself included–want more, even though it doesn’t show any gameplay. This just means we’ll just have to wait until E3 to see what THIEF really looks like and how the game plays. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.


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