What’s Up Weekend? for 6/7/2013 to 6/9/2013

Welcome to another edition of What’s Up Weekend, your weekly end-of-the-week look at what the Gamer Horizon crew will be up to this weekend and what we’re checking out elsewhere in the world of video gaming and beyond! Well, E3 2013 is almost here and the reveals and coverage seem to be in full swing this week in preparation for the madness and chaos that next week will surely bring.

While many of us here at Gamer Horizon are busy prepping for next week’s coverage, we want to let you know that our E3 2013 coverage officially starts on Sunday, and we’ll also be posting an article written by Sean at noon tomorrow to set the stage. Sean’s article is all about his first time at E3 as well as his building anticipation for what he might see at the show. The rest of the group have been to E3 in years past, but never in this capacity.

E3 2013 is a big deal for the crew here, given that we’ve been managing this website while we still have full time jobs. This is an opportunity for us to build new relationships with publishers and developers, to show them our chops and to build a reputation. We want to build a community of gamers, so this venue is perfect for doing that and so much more.

With that said, we’re breaking this week’s What’s Up Weekend into two segments: “What’s Up With The Crew?” which is your standard peek into our crew’s weekend, and the all new “What’s Up Elsewhere?” segment, which features links to things that we couldn’t cover during the week but felt were important enough to share with you, and also what happened this week outside of Gamer Horizon. This can include links to forum posts, other articles, and maybe some general shenanigans tossed around by the crew.

Alright, we’ve spent enough of your time with this week’s intro. We hope you enjoy our coverage of E3 2013, so if you want us to check something out, post it in the comments and we’ll see you again soon!

What’s Up With The Crew?

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Batgirl DLCTed will give you a run for your money with his Batgirl in Injustice: Gods Among Us.


Resident Evil: Revelations is doing an event this weekend that makes it very lucrative to play Raid Mode: There’s extra rewards for a high kill count, and the cost of ammo restocks will be reduced. I will be leveling up in Raid Mode a lot. I also got Rank 6 weapons in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, finally, and I have HR5 quests and Single Player 8 star quests to do. I also want to try that nutso Jhen Mohran boss fight one more time.

I also want to practice more Injustice: Gods Among Us; I’m starting to get a better feel for Batgirl. Also, I felt like I had a GREAT showing at Wednesday Night Fights this week in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, almost beating top SoCal contender Marq Teddy. I’m gonna futz around in Street Fighter, and see if I can formulate some great game plans for Evo.

I also deleted Toro’s Friend Network off my Vita because I got sick of that FAST.

Scrolls - WallpaperAri can’t wait to play Scrolls, then tell you about it. Or maybe just play more of it, then tell you about it. Or maybe…


Scrolls. Holy crap, Scrolls. I bought into the Beta out of sheer respect to Notch and Mojang, and the next thing I knew, I had played the day away. I’m gearing up for E3 this weekend, but I’ll probably sneak in a game or two of Scrolls if I can find the time.

Call of Duty Ghosts - Ghost unmasked?Sean’s looking forward to seeing live gameplay of Call of Duty: Ghosts this Sunday before our E3 coverage begins.


I just sank a bunch of money into video and audio equipment for Gamer Horizon’s E3 coverage and original video content going forward as well as my film-making, so I’m fairly broke.

Last weekend was a wash because my dog got sick so that took priority.

This weekend will be me playing Mark of Ninja, hopefully State of Decay and getting all this video and audio stuff worked out for next week. Alex likes to pretend we have off on the weekends but we really never do. 😉

Sunday morning is the Call of Duty: Ghosts live stream so I’ll be watching that. After that we will be meeting up to pick up our E3 passes and then my girlfriend has a show. When we get back I plan on hitting up Polygon’s E3 party since its only two blocks from my apartment.

Somewhere in there I will find time to sleep.

Can’t wait for E3!

Remember Me - Nilin ArtworkChris can’t wait to close the books on Remember Me and move on to Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.


I just finished Remember Me so I’m going back to finish Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. I think I’m on the last part of the game and can’t wait to finish it. After that, I’ll probably watch some Blu-ray movies or jump back into my Ratchet & Clank Collection.

LimboAlex returns to the world of Limbo on the Vita and finds it a lot more palatable this time, despite its oppressive ambiance.


I’ve been dabbling with Limbo on the Vita ever since it got released and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it again. Tomorrow, the calm before the storm, I’ll be at Disneyland celebrating my birthday with my best friend and his wife and dining at the Carthay Circle restaurant in Disney California Adventure. I’ve also been working out really hard, so that’s definitely going to be in the cards for both Saturday and Sunday.

As Sean already mentioned, we’re meeting up at the Los Angeles Convention Center to pick up our badges on Sunday. The crew is basically going to meander and loiter around the area and take pictures of every video game related poster, promo, banner, you name it, with the intention of posting it some time Sunday so that you all can feel like you’re in Los Angeles, experiencing E3 with us. I like sharing experiences with people, and I think that’s how we’re going to differentiate ourselves from other site’s coverage.

There is a Polygon party on Sunday evening, but it might be packed. We’ll see if I actually decide to go.

What’s Up Elsewhere?

Here’s the rest of the stuff we’re reading elsewhere on the interwebs!

That’s it for this week’s What’s Up Weekend! E3, here we come!

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