E3 2013: Battlefield 4’s Multiplayer Reveal

I was really excited to see the multiplayer of Battlefield 4. The demos are often a stylized representation of actual gameplay because no one in reality works that well together, or can fly a transport helicopter that straight (or actually fly a transport helicopter). That being the case, I liked the ability with the new engine to use terrain deformation and real-time destruction to your advantage. This was promised in Battlefield 3, but it wasn’t really fully realized. Battlefield 4 delivers on this. Taking out a support column underground to disable a tank is bloody amazing.

There are two moments in the demo that I really liked. One was when the fireteam entered the elevator, and actually used it. That favorite moment extends to the point where the fireteam has to jump out the building and parachute because the enemy has shelled the building to the point where it collapses. The realistic collapsing of the building blew me away.

The other moment was when someone used their tablet to join the Battlefield 4 game as the commander. This is absolutely a perfect addition. Intelligence, and knowing what control point to hit and when, can turn a game around even if your team is getting outgunned. This commander has an overhead view of the battle, and can send orders to players just like a squad leader could send orders to the rest of his squad. This commander can also send ordinances to specific points on the map. Battlefield 4 is not as fast paced asĀ Call of Duty, and it actually seems more like a strategy game played out in first person perspective due to positional advantage. This makes the commander role a great feature.

In real life, no team will work that well together, and I doubt they can take down a helicopter without dying once. But the possibilities of this have me very intrigued.

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0 thoughts on “E3 2013: Battlefield 4’s Multiplayer Reveal

  1. I never once saw any terrain deformation in Battlefield 4. Not one single gameplay reveal featured terrain deformation. They had a preset skyscraper, a spot to create a hole in the street, and dust (aka levolution), but no terrain deformation. They advertise how a carrier brakes in half, but that’s just campaign. Might I remind you of DICE’s track record for campaign experiences?
    Until more gameplay footage is released and/or the BETA itself launches, there’s no true clarification as to the amount of terrain deformation and destruction present in Battlefield 4. The same skyscraper getting knocked down in the first five minutes of the game has the potential of getting old pretty fast.

    DICE made a lot of promises with Battlefield 3, some that even may fall into the area of false advertising, that they failed to meet and deliver. I think we should all take a step back from the advertisement hype train and be cautious with this title.

    Remember: EA.


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