E3 2013: Infamous: Second Son E3 Trailer

During the Sony E3 Press Conference, a new trailer was revealed for Infamous: Second Son. Developed by Sucker Punch and published by Sony, the Infamous franchise follows the┬álife choices of bike messenger turned Hero/Villain, Cole MacGrath, as he gains super powers while delivering a mysterious package that exploded. Infamous: Second Son follows the life choices of a new protagonist, Delsin Rowe, who is in constant trouble with the law and his cop brother. Delsin is a conduit with smoke based abilities. More importantly than that, he also has the ability to copy the abilities of other conduits. Just like with Cole, Delsin is burdened with the responsibility of using his powers to help people and be a hero or help himself and become the villain. After watching the trailer, it’s hard to tell which path Delsin would personally choose.

As characters go, Delsin Rowe seamed like a giant arrogant ass who would selfishly destroy the world if he got super powers. The first Infamous: Second Son trailer he appeared in was during Sony’s February 20th press conference in which they announced the PlayStation 4. In the trailer, Delsin fought against government troops called the Department of United Protection or (D.U.P.). The D.U.P. are a government force created to hunt down bio-terrorists or conduits. After watching that trailer, as impressed as I was with a new Infamous game, I didn’t like the lead character Delsin Rowe. There is something that I just don’t like about his personality. Maybe that’s a good thing. If Delsin expresses this much personality now, I really want to get into the game and see what he is really like. What I did like about Infamous: Second Son was the combat and powers they did show. The core design behind Infamous has always been the player’s ability to choose which side of justice they want to be on and there’s no difference here. I can’t wait to get my hands on Infamous: Second Son and determine for myself what type of person Delsin Rowe is and test out all the new conduit powers.

What do you think of Delsin Rowe? Take a look at him in the E3 trailer below and let us know in the comments!



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